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Docler Holding Budapest

Docler Holding, established in 2008 in Hungary, incorporates IT-companies that have been around for a few years only. These companies, despite being relatively new, have been in the forefront of their own fields from the very beginning; the portfolio of the companies include live streaming technologies and computer game development as well.

The Docler office building has been built in 2009 in Budapest. The building itself meets the highest standards and it represents the highest quality. In 2011 it has been selected by a professional jury and won the title of ‘The Greenest Office in Hungary’. The Docler offices are not only unique because of their ultra-modern features and their natural surroundings but because the building houses one of the most advanced server rooms of the East-Central European region. The server room suggested the establishment of an own server-hosting and domain registration company. In Budapest there are 400 employees who work in the creative environment of the Docler offices.

The expansion and the growth of the Docler-Group necessitated the establishment of a venture capital firm. This firm successfully incorporated new members to the group, including IVANKA, an award winning design concrete manufacturing company, Netlock, an electronic authentication firm and Teqball as well. Teqball is a modern revolutionary sport innovation that helps football players to develop their ball handling skills with the use of a special curved table.

The name of Docler may also ring a bell for the keen film lovers, as Docler Entertainment produced several feature films, the last one with Gena Rowlands in leading role. Zinemath, a company with a film-production profile as well is also part of the group. The digital movie-making technique of Zinemath, called Z-Lense, is unique and one of a kind. One of the latest Hungarian enterprises of the group is aiming to conquer the world of professional e-sports.

Charity has always been very important for the owner and for the company as well; Docler Holding supports sport teams, individual competitors, artistic talents, scientific researchers but the group also helps those who are in need, especially hospitalized children. Besides supporting child clinics financially the Docler Group also invested in building playgrounds for little children.