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  I compete against myself,
not others.  

About Gyorgy Gattyan

Gyorgy Gattyan is a 48-year-old Hungarian businessman. He is the founder and owner of Docler Holding, but he is also known for being a producer and the benefactor of several charities. The company that gained international success was established 15 years ago.

Today the group employs over a 1000 people worldwide, with offices in Los Angeles, Luxembourg and Hungary as well. The main profile of the company includes information technology developments, streaming technology, website design and operation, domain registration, online payment services, game software development, film and TV program production, as well as the distribution of exclusive high-end fashion labels. – founded in 2001 by Gyorgy Gattyan - is a site based on online webcam streaming technology and is still the leading innovator in its respective market.

Mr. Gattyan is dedicated to high-quality recreation and entertainment. His aim is to revolutionize the television, music and film industry with the help of the latest and most sophisticated technological solutions. Besides his professional career, the businessman is also known for his eager charity work. In the past few years Mr. Gattyan and his company has offered notable donations to several foundations and associations to support cultural, science, sports and environmental protection.

Gyuri, as his colleagues and friends call him, usually works from his laptop but also uses his precious free time to enjoy outdoor activities, sports, personality development courses and travelling.