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  You can only live a different life
if you change first.  


Anyone can become successful with enough devotion, endurance and diligence –Gyorgy Gattyan often claims. The personal success of the businessman is based on these qualities and virtues, but he is also known to be open-minded. Being able to react to his environment and the changes around him very quickly sets him apart from his peers. When it comes to business, Gyorgy’s keen eye for opportunity and his outstanding level of trustworthiness proceeds his reputation.

Gyorgy is constantly looking for new challenges. The ‘human factor’ is more important to him than to an average leader, he believes in the careful and conscious selection of his employees and he believes in the importance of the thoughts and ideas of others. When it comes to business investments, Gyorgy Gattyan chooses products that offer more than just financial profitability; something truly unique that rewards them with a sense of happiness and personal fulfilment – something that money cannot buy.

Humbling generosity and sincere honesty are the qualities that best describe Gyorgy Gattyan.